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Olson's Plumbing & Rooter Service is your dependable resource for residential plumbing, sewer and drain cleaning.

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Dishwashers & Kitchen Water Lines
Your dishwasher is a very important part of the functional part of your kitchen. If installed correctly, it should last you for quite some time without any challenges. We use all proper fittings to hook up your dishwasher. We test everything out thoroughly before we leave.
In addition to Dishwashers, we also hook up ice maker lines to the refrigerator and water filtration systems. We replace the emergency shutoff valves to each of these fixtures…everything, including the kitchen sink.
Much of our work involves garbage disposals in some manner. The garbage disposal is one of the most abused appliances in the kitchen. People tend to put too much in the disposal, causing stoppages and wear and tear on the disposer and drain lines. The best way for you to think of the disposer is as you would a food processor. What ever you put in a food processor that clumps up, will do the same in a drain from a garbage disposal. You should not put carrots, eggshells, potatoes, celery, coffee grounds, etc down the disposal.
We will fix or replace your disposal and install it the right way where you will not have a leak in a couple of months from the unit vibrating loose.
Faucets & Sinks
We can repair or replace any type of faucet in any part of the house. As water travels through a faucet, it wears and breaks down the components of the valve. We can tell right away if your faucet can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. Recent E.P.A. restrictions have limited the ability to locate repair parts due to the lead content of some of the older faucets, but we will go over all of your options as necessary.
Showers & Tubs
With the wide variety of shower valves that are currently on the market, it is hard to know what products will best suit your needs, and will give you the most value for your hard earned money.
With over thirty years of experience in the plumbing industry, we know what products exist and how to install or repair most anything at a reasonable price.
Sewer Lines & Drain Cleaning
The funny thing about our company is, we want to clear your drain line. We do not want to replace your sewer or drains unless absolutely necessary. We are one of the only companies that will still go up on the roof to clear your drains. We employ a wide variety of techniques that other companies just don’t know about to clear your line. If we can’t clear don’t pay.
In today’s modern day we have low flush toilets that use only 1.6 gallons of water. Back in 1994 when the Energy Policy Act was adopted, so many of the manufacturers had to quickly retool to create fixtures that met this requirement. Most waited to the last minute because they were sure that the policy was to be repealed. The first fixtures that came out of this did not work well. In fact, they stopped up all the time. Over the years we have seen many changes in the technology. From pressure assist flush to electric pump systems to proper working gravity flush. Here at Olson’s Plumbing and Rooter we have witnessed these changes take place and have the know-how to fix or replace your toilet with the highest quality material available.
Drain Video Line Inspection
As technology advances in our field, we are able to break the boundary of conventional means of sewer line investigation. No longer are we blind to the troubles that exist in the sewer. We are able to pinpoint exactly where the problem is and repair it.
Gas Lines
Our technicians are certified in the latest techniques in supplying gas underground and through walls to your fixtures. We have the most cost effective means of getting your gas line job done in a timely manner.
Water Heaters
The water heater is the most over looked appliance in your home. Heating the water constantly, and under constant pressure, it becomes the most dangerous appliance. Everything must be installed and working correctly to be safe in your home. Our technicians are highly trained to be able to repair or replace your water heater, quickly, safely, and up to code.