Drain Video Line Inspection

As technology advances in our field, we are able to break the boundary of conventional means of sewer line investigation. No longer are we blind to the troubles that exist in the sewer. We are able to pinpoint exactly where the problem is and repair it.

Gas Lines

Our technicians are certified in the latest techniques in supplying gas underground and through walls to your fixtures. We have the most cost effective means of getting your gas line job done in a timely manner.

Water Heaters

The water heater is the most over looked appliance in your home. Heating the water constantly, and under constant pressure, it becomes the most dangerous appliance. Everything must be installed and working correctly to be safe in your home. Our technicians are highly trained to be able to repair or replace your water heater, quickly, safely, and up to code.

Copper and PEX Repipes

When the time comes to copper repipe your hot and cold domestic water lines, we offer competitive prices. Our whole house repipes are usually completed in one day. We also provide cost saving repipes, using modern PEX tubing.

After completing a whole house repiping, in pex or copper, we patch-up the all holes that we made. Here is an example.

Electronic Leak Detection

If you ever noticed a warm spot when walking on your cement slab floor, that can be an idication of a leak under the concrete. We have the equipment to locate the source of the leak, so we can give you options to repair or replace your water lines.

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